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Photos from our 1st Annual UMAA Summer Camp

Day 1 Participants

Black Belts

Renshi Mertz, Hanshi Offutt, Hanshi Sandoval, Kyoshi Clarke, Kyoshi Williams

Kyoshi Williams teaching a Nunchaku Kata

Kyoshi Williams leading the class in kata

Hanshi Sandoval teaching White Crane concepts to kids

Renshi Mertz teaching Chinte kata

Caught taking a break

Hanshi Offutt teaching Tekki Nidan

Day 2 Participants

Kyoshi Williams leading the class in Kata

Hanshi Offutt explaining AAU karate rules

Renshi Mertz and Hanshi Offutt putting on an AAU Kumite rules demonstration

Hanshi Sandoval leading the class in White Crane

Working White Crane techniques

Renshi Mertz teaching Irei No Eku

Eku Training

Kyoshi Williams teaching Shorin Ryu's Jion Kata

Renshi Mertz teaching Aragaki No Sai

Hanshi Sandoval and Kyoshi Williams

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