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Universal Martial Arts Association

The Universal Martial Arts Association is a known world wide as a leading martial arts organization that is dedicated to the preservation of traditional martial arts while embracing change and recognizing new systems and styles of martial arts from around the world. Membership is open to All Styles of Martial Arts and all Systems of Martial Traditions. Join UMAA today and become part of the fastest growing martial arts family in the world!

UMAA's Mission is to provide and facilitate quality training opportunities for all our members world-wide. Members are eligible to receive black belt certificates and certifications, student rank certificates and certifications, black belt promotions, instructor certification, organization and Dojo charters, program and course content certification, and Association Patches. Membership is open to all styles, systems, and forms of Martial Arts.

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We are a "NO POLITICS" Association where rank is earned through years of dedicated training. All Internationally Certified Promotions are based on World recognized standards of "Time in Grade". We currently serve members in 33 countries throughout the world and in 26 states in the USA.

Style transition program to Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo (Weapons) is offered to those interested in adding to their current curriculums or for those martial arts schools that desire to completely transition to a different karate style. International, National, Regional, and State Training Seminars are available annually.

All certifications are validated and approved by our Internationally Recognized Board of Advisors. These Advisors are professional leaders within their own karate system or style of karate or martial art. We are committed to quality martial arts instruction, training, and rank recognition and certification. Responsive, quality support for our members and their programs is our focus of effort.

2013 UMAA Summer Camp - Havelock North Carolina

Universal Martial Arts Association ™
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