UMAA Transition



This information is intended for individuals who currently operate a martial arts school(s) or an organization and may be considering a transition to OKINAWA SHORIN RYU KARATE AND KOBUDO DIVISION under the UMAA. UMAA Licensed Instructors who are sponsoring or considering sponsoring a new SCHOOL through the transitional process will find these suggestions helpful. It is our goal to make the TRANSITION process as smooth as possible.


The benefits of transition to the OKINAWA SHORIN RYU KARATE or KOBUDO DIVISIONS are highlighted by the various benefits of membership in the UMAA. Please see, “Member Benefits” for a complete listing of membership benefits.

In addition to the “organizational benefits”, transition to the OKINAWA SHORIN RYU KARATE or OKINAWA KOBUDO DIVISION offers a couple of unique “training concepts “that differ from most other systems of the martial arts. One of the main concepts is the use of “body change” in all self defense, sparring, and Tuite.

Additionally, the student will learn stronger, more effective blocking, striking, and joint manipulation techniques with each promotion. It is a simple but very effective system as it builds upon the student’s knowledge gained at the most basic level of instruction.

These concepts are seen in all the, Kata, self-defense, Tuite, sparring and weapons. Strongly emphasizing the “practical application” or “kata bunkai” makes the techniques easy and enjoyable to learn and retain. Shorin Ryu is not “sport” karate. It is a traditional “combat” art with upright stances, lighting quick blocking techniques and explosive strike and pressure point fighting techniques. Learning Shorin Ryu karate will enhance any martial artist’s knowledge and ability.


Although the decision to transition can be made solely by the school owner or head instructor, the smoothest transitions will occur when the Dojo head instructor (or organization head) involves and informs their senior students in the decision making process.

Communication and mutual understanding among the dojo staff and senior students will help ease the dojo transition.

The benefits of the transition will far outweigh the problems encountered during the transition process. The dojo head instructor/organization head need to continually reinforce the positive benefits to all their students.

If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact us by mail, phone, or email address.

Congratulations to Andre Aleman from the Netherlands for being our newest “Nidan” in the Shorin Ryu Karate Transition Program. Great job Andre and I look forward to seeing your Sandan testing!