Ken Jackson

Mr. Jackson has been training for nearly 3 decades in Kuniba-Ha Shito Ryu, Mugai Ryu Iado and Goshin Jitsu Jujitsu. He is the Fukukaicho for the Amercian Goshin Budo and Kobudo Organization. Mr. Jackson has over 15 years Law Enforcement experience and is ccurently employed as a Law Enforcement Detective in North Carolina.

Mr. Jackson’s primary instructor is Shihan Butch Velez who was himself a personal student of of the late Soke Shogo Kuniba.

He frequently conducts seminars on Jujitsu and Kobudo. He has an in-depth knowledge of bunkai and weaponry to compliment his extensive karate and Jujitsu eperience and knowledge.

Mr. Jackson serves on the Universal Martial Arts Association’s Board of Directors and is the style representative for Shito Ryu.

Belt Grading & Certifications:

Nanadan – Fukukaicho, American Goshin Budo Kobudo, Kuniba-Ha Shito Ryu