UMAA Hakutsuru

The UMAA Hakutsuru (White Crane) Program has been authoriized by the Founder of American Hakutsuru, Anthony Sandoval , Hanshi and follows the principles and methdologies taught by Sandoval Hanshi. The program is designed to help students progress in Hakutsuru training while learning both the internal and external components of the art.

Hakutsuru training will enhance any martial art and develop agility, speed, balance and stilimulate internal develop of breathing, meditiation and relaxation.

The UMAA Hakutsuru Program is administered and taught by Kyoshi Danita Clarke. Mrs. Clarke is a direct student of Anthony Sandoval, Hanshi with nearly 20 years experience teaching White Crane principles, concepts and kata.

Hakutsuru Training

Training opportunites are provided thorughout the year via Camps, Seminars, Gasshuku’s and other events hosted and sanctioned by the Universal Martial Arts Association.

Hakutsuru Certification and Evalution

UMAA offers training, certification and outstanding instructor and school support via written publications, DVD training and personal instruction under Master Instructor Danita Clarke, Kyoshi.

Below is an example of Rank Requirements. Both DVD and and Instruction Manuals are available for each Dan Level.

UMAA Hakutsuru Rank Requirements


  • Hakutsuru So
  • Hakutsuru Tan
  • Hakutsuru San He
  • Naihachi Shodan

Nidan (Shodan requirements plus)

  • Ryushoken
  • Naihanchi Ni Dan


  • Duknen Sanchin
  • Nihanchi Sandan-combo
  • Nei Pai Filler

Instructor Level Kata Requirements


  • Hakutsuru Sho

Go Dan

  • Hakutsuru Dai Kojo lineageRokudan
  • Gokuyu

Supplement Kata

  • Paiho
  • Bablin
  • Hakutusuru Chu
  • Short Forms for each kata above listedThe student will gain a personal knowledge of internals and how to relate to their Karate, and Bunkai (applications and concepts within the kata). White Crane Basics and cross over to understand and gain knowledge of reversals to applications.