Peter Carbone

In 1960, at age 14, I started martial art training. At age 17 I was on the high school wrestling team. At age 25, I wanted the truth of the classical martial art, not sport karate, and began a serious study. I felt there was more than blocking, kicking and punching. Today at age 61, I have traveled to the orient on 26 occasions in pursuit of martial art knowledge and perfection. Through my training, Investigation, and teaching I am trying to make a contribution to the martial art community by preserving the historical and cultural value of the antiquity study of weaponry and its relationship to empty hand technique.

In my life, I had the great honor of studying under four Grand Masters. I acquired the prestigious ranks of 8th Degree Karate, and hold the master teaching title of Kyoshi and the very prestigious rank of Grand Master 9th Degree Kobujutsu weaponry. with the highest master teaching title of Hanshi accompanied with Soke-Keizon, most respected. I have been Commissioned as the of President of the “Ryukyunote Dento Kobujutsu Kyokai”, Traditional Weapons Preservation Society in America. based in Okinawa.

I am available to teach seminars world-wide on Okinawan Karate, Tuite, and Kobujutsu.

Belt Grading & Certifications:

9th Dan – Hanshi, OKinawan Kobujutsu
8th Dan – Isshin Ryu Karate