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Anthony Sandoval

Mr. Sandoval has been training for over 4 decades and is widely regarded as the father of Amercian Hakutsuru (White Crane). He is a retired United States Marine and verteran of the Vietnam War where he was awarded the Silver Star and Bronze star with Combat "V" for Valor.

Mr. Sandoval also teaches Shorin Ryu and has studied under many noteable instructors while living in Okinawa, Japan for nearly 20 years.

He frequently conducts seminars on Hakutsuru, Tai Chi, and Shorin Ryu and is an expert in hand to hand combatives and weaponry

Mr. Sandoval serves as the Universal Martial Arts Association's Board of Directors and is the style representative for Hakutsuru.

The UMAA has adopted his "Hakutsuru System" to teach all over the world. With his superb guidance, leadership and skill the program has grown tremendously over the past few years.

He was awarded his 10th Dan in Shorin Ryu from Nitta Seifuku, Hanshi in September 2007.

Belt Grading & Certifications:

10th Dan - Hanshi, Shorin Ryu

Email: sandoval@universal-martial-arts.org

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